A Family Thing

A Family Thing

“Jacob. Would you be a dear and run out and bring your pregnant wife some chocolate cake? Pretty please?”

Jake’s wife Rachel is “in a family way” with their first child and Jake isn’t quite sure what to make of the increasing demands it places on him.

“Chocolate cake in the middle of the night? Really?”

Despite the excitement of welcoming a newborn and the first grandchild in the family, Jake is still figuring out his own lot in life. Would he be a good provider, a good disciplinarian, a good role model, a good dad?

Living life in his head is both a blessing and a curse. Only by tapping into the legacy and lunacy of his family will he come to terms with his new role.

About the Author

Randy is an author and public speaker. After struggling for many years with a mysterious and debilitating illness, he wrote his first book, unDIAGNOSED, his search for a diagnosis and how he learned to deal with the limitations of his disease. He continues to write and challenges people to accept and overcome whatever obstacles stand in the way of living fulfilled lives.

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