Never could Randy have predicted his life journey and the lessons he would learn. Despite his loss of vision and motor function, peripheral neuropathy and eventual confinement to a wheel chair, he was convinced his illness had a name and could be conquered. Lyme disease, Multiple Sclerosis, African sleeping sickness, bad jet lag: all different diagnosis from over 30 doctors and specialists. No matter the debilitating and potentially life threatening illness stacked against him, Randy prepared to fight it and win. This is his story of enervating physical loss, mental despair, and fear. This is a story of learning, loving and living that will encourage and inspire as you face your own life challenges — whatever they are named.

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Praise for unDIAGNOSED

What an incredible story of such a struggle. I recommend anyone who has ever came to a hurdle in their life to pick up this book…. but I must warn you, you won’t put it down! Awesome.

– Jessica

Any one reading this book can relate with Randy, the matter-of-fact style of the book forces you to reflect on your own life. Randy’s story is inspirational to say the least.

– Steve

unDiagnosed is a inspirational and raw look at a disease that can control your life. Randy has shown that he will take the cards that he was dealt and play them accordingly. An amazing insight on the life of a person with MS. I smiled, I laughed and shed tears. Randy’s humor had me laughing out loud at times. I liked the love story that was incorporated. Emily and Randy have a love that’s real. Definetly a must read!!!!!!

– Angie

This was a great read. Randy led us into his world and on his journey of what seemed like a roller coaster ride looking for the correct diagnosis. He gives readers hope. I must say, he sure does have some strong and dedicated women by his side–Kim and Emily, you both ROCK!

– Christine

Wonderful book that is very moving. Randy captivates you with his journey. I read over a course of 24 hours. And I definately agree with the previous review Randy has some amazing women in his corner! A must read!

– Jenni

Just got to page 155. Brother you’ve given me a greater appreciation for life, and I’ve already really appreciated life! Can’t think of a better gift you can give someone and you are giving that gift to everyone who reads your book. Way to get it done my man.

– Jimmy

This book is amazing, I had it read within 3 hours! Randy captured me from the first page, and I could not put it down. Randy takes you through a journey, every emotion he felt, I felt as I read it. I recommend this book to anyone who is struggling in life. Randy’s book is so inspiring I knew I needed to share it with others. I gave Randy’s book to a friend who was recently diagnosed with MS, in hope that it gives him some inspiration as he struggles with this disease. Congrats to Randy and his family for sharing his story with the world!

– Stella

Randy writes from his heart as he shares his remarkable journey to diagnoses. As he candidly tells his story Randy is honest about his struggles but also speaks of his glimmers of hope. This is a great book for someone that is currently caring for someone with any type of illness because Randy tells how his family and friends also experienced his journey to diagnoses.

– Lisa

Mr Beal has an amazing outlook on life. unDIAGNOSED is a book of hope and inspiration for everyone, especially those with a chronic medical condition. It’s a book of help, a look into the innerworkings of a strong, resilient man dealing with many medical situations. It’s a book of love between a man and his amazing family, love of his life wife, and friends. It’s also a wake up call for the medical profession. How many years and how much money need to be spent before a proper diagnosis is made?

– Mary