Some times I can say that I am a slacker when it comes to posting on my blog, but I really have been busy. This month is National MS Education and Awareness Month and I have been gathering information about MS to post on my Facebook wall. If you haven’t already, you need to Like me at Facebook.com/RandyBeal. Learn a little bit about MS and have a laugh too as I post a corrected invasion joke or a quote – I’ve been posting funny ones lately. Also, I’ve been working with a PR firm to market my book and me personally. This book, unDIAGNOSED, needs to go to the masses. I didn’t write about my journey to keep it to myself. I want to be a voice for those that can’t and a kindred spirit to those going through stuff. On top of doing this I’ve designed a new look for this website. If it’s not done before the publicity campaign my apologies. When I had this site created I never imagine my future like this. I’ve got other books in the pipeline among other things. Life might not be what you expected, but keep pushing and who knows what’s ahead.

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