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>On Purpose

>Last night I went to bed determined to start anew today. I have fallen into a rut lately. A rut of watching TV and really not being productive with my day. My first goal was to watch my Joel Osteen recording. A new one is reported on my DVR every Sunday. I usually get to it later in the week if at all. First goal accomplished. My second goal is to give a brief synopsis here. The message today was about being happy. That’s an easy statement to make, but at times a difficult task to walk out. Abraham Lincoln once said, “most people are as happy as they decided to be”. Easily put, being happy is a choice you have to make every day. Life may be hard for you right now. Maybe you lost your job, perhaps your family has fallen apart, or your health is failing? No matter what. it’s your choice. Having or getting the right perspective on your life situations will help you to be happy. I like to think of myself as an overall happy person, but I have those dark moments. When I get there it helps to be thankful for the little things. A quote I heard years ago said, “it’s not the outlook that matters, but the uplook”. I agree partially with that statement. Yes, keeping your eyes on God is number one, but having a positive outlook is good too. I know just thinking about a positive future has helped get me through. So lets be happy on purpose today.