>Crazy times

>If you live under a rock you’re not aware of the crazy times we are living in. For the rest of us how bout it? Our economy is in disarray, people are losing jobs and their homes every day. If you are not in that sect, you may know someone that is. Perhaps you’re afraid to end up there. No matter what, it’s an interesting time we live in. This could swallow you up and throw you into deep disc pair. Hearing reports of this every day will make anyone sick to their stomach. Unsure if things will rebound or when they will? I wish I had the answer. But this I’m sure of you will never rise above where your mind is. I just keep thinking how lucky I am to be living at this time in history. Sure, I worry and am concerned. But I do not stay there. So I don’t stay there I like to watch something funny, listen to good music, or talk to God. So today I want to encourage every one to rise above.

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  1. cltgrace says:

    >I agree fully.

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