I know this tragedy just happened yesterday, I can’t shake my feelings of despair and anger. I woke up still feeling this way and had to blog my way through it. Last night I watched the hour-long Dateline on this story and my face and heart hurt the whole time. My face ventured from a look of sadness to a scowl. My heart hurt for the victims and the families left behind. I just want to hug and cry with those family members. That’s it, there are no encouraging words or inspirational quotes to share. They lost their sons or daughters.

Now for my thoughts on the shooter. I’m sorry you felt so hopeless, I wish you hadn’t felt that way and you had to take your own life. I understand times of feeling this way, but in NO WAY should you have taken the lives of others down with you. There is no reason for that!

As an individual and a part of this great nation I’m mourning with all of you. I know I’m just feeling a very small percentage of your grief, but you all are in my thoughts.

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