>Cup of Joel

>It’s easy to be me. Being someone else is not. I am equipped to deal with everything in my life. Dwelling on the I wish’s will get you no where. I wish I was taller, I wish I could sing, and on and on. You have exzctly what you need. This is an area that plagues us all. There’s always something we wish for. We need to be happy with who we are and what we have. Taking our natural and letting God add his super to create the supernatural. Let’s all step in to our destiny. Whether it’s being an entrepreneur, great mother, author, singer…Let’s be who we were created to be.
My Monday morning Joel.

3 Responses to >Cup of Joel

  1. Carmen says:

    >I like it. Thanks, Randy!

  2. Emily Beal says:

    >I wish I was a baller…if I had a girl, I would call her…

    Or something like that!

    Love you!

  3. Anonymous says:

    >Sister, get out of my head! "I wish I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a baller, I wish I had a girl who looked good I would call her." That's the first thing I thought when I read it!

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