>Yesterday I watched Montel Williams on the Oprah Winfrey show. Montel talked about his disease of MS, very candidly I must add. He talked about his acceptance and daily battles with thist moved me very much. I felt a kindred spirit with him. A lot of the challenges he faces or has faaced I’ve been there. I felt that watching his story was just what I needed. I’ve never fully embraced my diagnosis. So here I am today ready to make this declaration. I have multiple sclerosis. I just needed to saythat. I’ve done my due diligence in making sure that’s what I have. So today I will no longer allow myself to not fully accept this and think there has to be something else.

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  1. don says:

    I consider us good friends even though we haven’t seen eachother in a long time.I encourage you in your strength and believe you are an example of victory to many others whether you know them or not.I appreciate your honesty in your blogs and your strong character regardless of physical details.I came across a dvd the other day with our “Walk” radio show concept and at the end Star did a little RandyBeal.com sponsor ad.We nailed that project together and I still have a cushy toilet seat(my water got turned off)so it’s impossible for you to take me up on the offer to take a dump at my crib.Anyway,you are a living testimony and you know I’m not a holy roller in any way.From this end I believe God delivered for you in the toughest life struggles…
    I’ve been dealing with depression lately even though I know other are worse off.Thank You and many others for opening my eyes that Christians can be real and cool.You have a great character and that is important these days.Sorry for such a long message,but I’m being real with you.

  2. Barry Bankroff says:

    >Randy, amen little brother keep pushing on you are still in my prayers every day you give me strength when my own problems get in my way keep fighting the good fight! tough times don’t last but tough people do
    my thoughts and prayers are with you always

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