>Don’t sweat

>Learning to not swaet the small stuff is a tough process. I’ve always been a worrier, someone that stressed over the smallest of things. Over the last few months I’ve gotten better just relaxing and not stressing so much. But in the past few weeks I’ve allowed myself to succumb to my old nature and stress over meaningless things. Emily quoted me today on our way to a wonderful birthday dinner for my sister’s father-in-law. She remembered me telling her when we first started dating and she would share her frustrations from work. I told her that she is allowing herself to be stressed and really at the end of the day what does it metter. She could choose how she responded to those situations. She should choose to relax and not sweat. I need to take my own advice. Sometimes I come up with a good one. I’m choosing to relax and not sweat.

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  1. Barry says:

    >good choice let the little things go and concetrate on the important things don’t put the negative before the positive good luck! and stay in touch Spring is almost here

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