>I think turning 30 gave me a new perspective in life.  Having family in your life is really important.  At my wedding last year I had two of my uncles and their wives and my cousin from southern Illinois fly up for the wedding.  Having them there along with other family members I haven’t seen in some time really whet my appettite for more.  Last weekend Emily and I headed south for a family reunion weekend.  It was so great seeing aunts, uncles, cousins, and others I haven’t seen in years.  Introducing Emily to them was great.  My cousin Tom sent me an email after we left saying how good it was to meet Emily and how nicely she fits into the family.  That was so great to hear.  Next week I’ll have pictures up on Facebook.  I have some memorable pics-the one I’m most excited about is with my dad’s siblings.  I look forward to making that weekeeend a regular trip. 

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