>Game on

>Thursdays appointment with my neurologist went well. It was the usual check-up. How’s everything going? Anything new to report? Check my strength and my vision. Those two areas seemed to be about the same as last summer. Being as I’ve been on an MS med for 5 months now she wants to see me a little more frequently. Just keep an eye on things. The possibility of getting an MRI this summer seems high. I asked a year plus ago to be put on an anti-depressant. It definitely goes hand in hand when getting on aMS  medication. I’ve had many dark thoughts over the years. I was telling Dr. D a recent realization I had. Being on the anti-depressant has been a great thing. I really haven’t had those dark thoughts often at all. She said she wanted to record that and let other patients hear that sentiment. I’m not a fan of taking medications, but when it helps my quality life then game on.

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  1. Barry says:

    >"amen" to that game on little brother

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