This past weekend I went out with some of guys to get our dinner on. We try to go out every other month. This is a good time to just hang out with the guys (our wives really enjoy getting rid of us for a night :-)). I have a tightknit group I hang with and really enjoy getting together with them. After finishing our steaks we got some desired and by this time my hand and arm were really tired and in fact eating dessert would be nearly impossible-I’ve gotta have something sweet after dinner. One of my buddies saw I couldn’t do this on my own and helped feed me. This was very nice and very humbling at the same time, letting anyone feed me is something I’ve tried to avoid. I mean c’mon I’m just 36. Just one more thing I have to get over-thanks MS! Oh well that’s life. I’m going to keep doing what I’ve got to do to enjoy life.

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  1. Adam says:

    You got a great friend there Randy. Glad to hear you enjoyed the night out!

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