>Judge Beans

>Last night Emily punched in the address to Judge Beans in her GPS and was on her way. After driving the two miles there was no Judge Beans. In fact there wasn't even a building in sight. She actually felt a little uneasy in the area she was. She decided we were going to have to go a different route for dinner. She decided to keep it easy and just get McDonald's. So in a matter of minutes we went from some good BBQ to fast food. Yum! Today for lunch we made it to a famous BBQ joint, Jacks BBQ. You know its good when the meat doesn't need sauce and the brisket didn't. Being as it was a beautiful day we drove over to an outside outlet mall and spent some time there.
All in all its been a nice relaxing day.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    >Glad to hear you two were enjoying your weekend. Those of us here in the cold and wind were jealous!


  2. cltgrace says:

    >YUm! You’ve got to try Hickory Log…I’ve got to have some Hickory Log.

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