Just realized

I was looking at an old post for this new book I’m working on and realized I had not posted anything since January. I wish I had a top-notch excuse here, but sadly I don’t. I have 99 reasons why, but forgetfulness is the main 1. I’m sure everyone would give me a break, that’s not how I roll though. I’ve made it this far by being hard on myself, my apologies. Here’s what I’ve been up to lately: I got a round of steroids last week, going back to therapy to help me sure up some areas, writing my 3rd book, working on many other business opportunities and being a dad to such a cute boy. As I’m writing things down, DAMN that’s a lot. I love what I doing and will not stop! I’m a handi and I’ve got even more to prove to you and to myself. Oh well just another day!

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