>My MIL Nancy has a friend that is there for a couple weeks. Though it sucks she broke one leg badly and has damage to the other one too. This brought me to a bit of nostalgia on my time there four years ago. It was my third stop on a journey through four facilities. I was there one month, it was a great time. When I was there I was focused on getting up to walk again. Though I did that some, it was not to be. They taught me how to live at a wheelchair level. At the time I learned that, it was not my focus. In hindsight being there and learning what I did was the best thing for me. To Marian Joy, thanks for all you did for me!

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  1. Barry says:

    >thanks to Marionjoy I can walk and take care of my self again at times I was skeptical but always hopefull

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