>My kind of town

>Emily and I went out for dinner on Tuesday with a couple of her friends, also bridesmaids. Her friend Becky was in town from California. Being as I have never met her this was the perfect opportunity. Emily hates parking in the city, which most people do. On top of that having to deal with me and the wheelchair make it even more difficult and stressful on her. After some figuring out and advice from Christines friend we found a place not too far from Becky and her sister Peggy that has a parking garage a few buildings down. The whole process was seemless and stress free. Meeting Becky and her sister Peggy was a treat, they were so nice. On our way home from dinner Emily stated that she would be up for going to the city again. I used to love going to the city of Chicago and now both of us feel at ease about doing this again. So Bob, don’t be too mad that our first trip wasn’t to see you. We’ll come back soon enough.

3 Responses to >My kind of town

  1. Bob says:

    >Well, I’ll let this one slide, since I was out of town anyway. If you kids make the effort to come up, dinner’s on me.

  2. cltgrace says:

    >Hey….let me know, I’ll join you! Have we ever hung out in the city together before? Venice, Rome, Piza, Munich…but not Chicago? What’s wrong with this picture?

  3. cltgrace says:

    >Oh, I forgot I’m jealous – you get all Bob’s comments. No pumpkin roll for you tomorrow!

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