A little over a week ago I had my yearly eye appointment. I really enjoy this appointment because it’s such an easy one. Actually they’re all pretty easy now, but this one has always been the easiest. You want to hear that things are getting better in other areas, I’m just happy when things have stayed the same. This year finally I was told just that, woo hoo!

On a different note I’m going to blast myself here. I’m always tough on myself and I will continue to be right now. I have not been consistent with my workouts, actually they have been nonexistent this summer. Working out keeps my body at a consistent level, just like my eyes. I have definitely declined in this area, which makes it harder on my wife. I’m sorry Emily! I will make working out a priority.

That brings me to my third and final point. I get so wrapped up in writing that I just don’t think about working out. Working out is good for my body and writing is good for my brain. I need to do them both. I’m so exciting to be working on my second book, I just have to remember to be even keeled. Everything I do is for you Emily. I need to work on giving you the whole package. 🙂

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