>Pissed off!

>Yesterday was a day for me and Emily to just hang out. Breakfast out, a couple hours with our niece and my sister Kim, later we saw “Despicable Me”and then dinner at Hooters. This was our first time seeing a movie at the newer facility at the Louis Joliet Mall, very handi friendly. The movie ended up being better than I expected. All that was great. Here’s what pissed me off: Being in a wheelchair. It’s a rare day I when I feel this way. I let my mind wander back to my younger, healthier days and thus allowed that PO’d feeling in. Yes, I’d rather be walking, but I’m truly happy where I’m at. I’m always an open book and I really wanted you to see all sides of dealing with disability. As positive and upbeat as I can be I do have a time when I feel defeated once in a while. Having a strong, loving wife as I do helps those down moments easier to get through. I love you Emily!

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  1. cltgrace says:

    >Some days are like that.

  2. Barry says:

    >just make a smartass comment about something which you do so fluently make yourself laugh usually at someone elses expense and don't let the bad in call me I can take it Punk

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