I had a post in November called Hard about the choking fit I had at Merichka’s. My sister in law is in town for the holiday from Portland and she wanted to go to Merichka’s for dinner on Monday night. I didn’t want to have a repeat performance and was determined to get through the whole meal without any problem. Not sure if it calmed my nerves or what, but I had a beer before hand that was very good, props to Not Your Dad’s RootBeer (definitely suggest it). The sandwich came and it was Time. I got to fourth bite and there was no choking, I wanted to shout with excitement, but I had the rest of my meal to finish without choking. Once I completed the meal I was so happy, no choking fit-YES! Although eating takes a lot of thought for me now, oh well at least I can eat solid food. I definitely feel redeemed now.

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