>Sight vs. Vision

>I try and watch my cheerleader pastor every week. That’s how I refer to Joel Osteen. After listening to one of his sermons you feel empowered. You can overcome any obstacle, be a better person, grow closer in a relationship with the Lord. A quote he used last night was this: Sight is what you can see, Vision is what you can be. That hit’s where I am and more clearly got the point across. Looking at your surroundings and circumstances will only let you get so far. Vision is what helps you to go farther in life. When your sight sucks like mine vision is all I really rely on. That’s the bright side of a tough situation. Making lemonade is the way to go. Wherever you are and whatever your circumstance always remember your vision in life and don’t dwell on what you’re seeing

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  1. cltgrace says:

    >Good word, Randall!

  2. Anonymous says:

    >Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

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