Since I’m here

I like to say since I’m here I might as well dance. MS has definitely given me some challenges and I just roll with the punches and figure things out on the way to combat them. I keep dreaming and pursue those dreams, MS will never take that from me. One challenge has been eating, I eat slower and have to chew my food up finely so as not to choke, thus I eat less. I refer to this as the MS Diet. I found out how much my chair weighs yesterday and after being weighed at my neurologists office a week ago I found out I’m down to 165. I haven’t seen that weight since early junior high. Again since I’m here I figure why not, have some fun with it!

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  1. Kel says:

    Keep up the great spirit!! I’m glad your appointment went as well as it could. I’m excited to see you and your family in June.


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