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>I don’t know why, but I’ve given in to yet another internet craze. I’m on myspace, facebook, and now twitter. I guess I chalk it up to being home all day being on the computer for a lot of that. Twitter is kind of a neat way to follow someone and see what’s happening up to date. Other than that I’ve got a number of doctors appointments coming up. This Wednesday I’ve got my yearly MRI. Next week I then follow up with my neurologist. Later today I’ll be scheduling read more appointman’s this summer.

No trips are planned this year. Last year we went to Indianapolis, then up to Minnesota, and finally down to Nashville. This year is just about gearing up for our wedding. Emily has a count down on her facebook page and it’s down to 131 days. I remember what it was like 400 days. I can’t wait, I’m such a lucky man. Alright, I’ll be back to update soon. In the mean time follow me on twitter.

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  1. Emily Daoust says:

    >And I’m a lucky lady. 🙂

    BTW, I think your DragonSpeak flubbed up a couple of your words…


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