>Unconditional love

>Yesterday this subject was brought to the forefront of my mind. It’s not a subject I necessarily think a lot about. My sister started blogging yesterday. And her first post was about this very subject. She stated about her revelation of the unconditional love that her and I have for each other. I had never really thought about it before. I just love my sister and would do anything for her. I want the best for her life. Thinking about this love brought me to think about God. I know he has unconditional love or me but that’s just it I always wonder how he could He love me so much. I realize though it’s never a thought for Him, he just loves. He would do anything for me, flight for me, just wants the best for my life. So this kind of love has been shown to me in a whole new light. I’ll just let this resonate with you as it still is with me.

3 Responses to >Unconditional love

  1. Ms. Daoust says:

    >And I unconditionally love you!

  2. mamadoe says:

    >”Me, too!”

  3. Gracie's mom says:

    >Great post Randy! We will see you & the miss on Sunday? I can’t remember if we’ve confirmed.

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