>Weekend wrap


What an enjoyable weekend! I guess it started on Thursday with Emily and I going to our wedding photographer to approve our engagement proofs. We were really impressed with how good we looked! 🙂 Saturday, we went out to Schaumburg for a dinner with our good friends Carmen and Bob. Carmen just had her birthday a couple of weeks ago and Bobs was six months ago. So it was a bit late for him. After our delicious meal and our good conversations, Emily and I made our way home for a good nights rest before the big sports day. Sunday started off with our typical Starbucks breakfast which led right innto the Bears game. I know the Lions aren’t a good team, but the Bears dominated from start to finish. The weekend came down to this, if the Sox won it would be considered a great weekend and I’d be preparing for Game 4 today. If they lost, I had a great weekend with Emily and friends, but wouldn’t be happy today. Thankfully the White Sox accomplished what their city counterparts could not do, win a game! 🙂 I’ll end it with this: a woman in the crowd held up a sign at the Sox game that read, ‘Hey Cubbies leave the playoffs to us!’

I still want to marry your daughter Steven!

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  1. cltgrace says:

    >Thanks for a great evening, Randy! Always a treat to hang out with my favorite folks AND at one of my favorite restaurants! You guys are great~

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